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Pet Policies

We are pet lovers and greatly enjoy well-behaved pets visiting the Hotel Fauchère. It is important to let us know that your pet will be joining you at the time you make your  reservation so that we reserve a pet-friendly room for you.

The daily fee to accommodate a pet at The Hotel Fauchère is $25.00 per pet per day and compliance with our pet guidelines posted below. We don’t like to have rules that make pets sound unwelcome—they are very much welcome—but we’ve found it necessary to be clear about the guests’ responsibility and liability in the event of damage or disruption. Thank you.


Pet must be kept on a leash or in a crate while the pet is in any public or common area within the hotel.

Pet may not be left in the guest’s room if the guest leaves the hotel for any reason.

If the pet is in the room, we must be able to reach the guest immediately in the event of a problem or a pet-sitter must be present (guest services can help arrange this).

Pet may be left in a crate in the room while the guest is dining in the Delmonico Room, Bar Louis, or enjoying a spa treatment at Badea & Soul. The pet must be crated.

Pet owners should remove their pet from their guestroom during housekeeping services, or opt not to receive housekeeping services by placing the “Do Not Disturb” sign on their door.

Pets must be walked in designated areas and pet owners are responsible for picking up after their pet in and around the hotel and the town of Milford. “Pickup bags” are available from the front reception desk.

Noise/Barking is not acceptable and pet owner will be asked to remove the pet if this becomes a problem.

Pet owners are responsible for damage to the room and its contents. If extra cleaning or damage repair is necessary, the guest will be charged additional fees. This includes but is not limited to reimbursement for room availability lost due to damages created by a pet at a rate of 30% of the regular rate and replacement or repair of any damaged electronics, furniture, bedding, carpet, etc.

If there is any damage or staining of the carpet, the pet owner will accrue a $150 cleaning fee. This is based upon the assumption that the cleaning and drying time will not exceed one day. In extraordinary circumstances, which require additional cleaning and drying time, the fee will increase in increments of 30% of the room’s daily rental fee for each day the room is untenable, in addition to the initial charge of $150.

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The Safety and Peace of Mind of our Guests is Our Highest Priority. We've implemented measures for COVID-19 Mitigation.
The Safety and Peace of Mind of our Guests is Our Highest Priority. We've implemented measures for COVID-19 Mitigation.
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